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How I felt before and after the massage was so amazing and I had to tell you how much I appreciate your skilled hands and open heart.

All the tightness in my body was gone and I was enjoying a younger more peaceful me.

Your expertise as well as the soft and soothing atmosphere of the surroundings was just what my inner physician ordered.

Bless you Barbara for your understanding and the consistency of your work.

– Barbra Hana-Austin


I’ve known Barbara for over 15 years. She is The Calistoga Goddess Esthetician, the queen of extractions. and just a fantastic person. I am so happy that my facial care needs are in the capable hands of Barbara. In Calistoga there are many places to have a facial but I wouldn’t trust anyone else but her in the whole town. Call her, make an appointment and ENJOY!

– Chris



Barb has been my aesthetician for 13 years, from my early thirties to my mid forties. Because of Barb my skin is youthful & healthy & glowing, and I love the sun!

Barb created the perfect anti-aging/skin perfecting/ultra-moisturizing facial “GlyCollagen.” Your skin will be rejuvenated & glow (and not just for a day or two!)
I make the time to drive from Marin County to Calistoga for Barb’s expertise (I am a single mom with a career so time is scarce – that is how good she is! Tried others closer and elsewhere. No, thanks.

If you want a real massage, quality facial and a true aesthetician, Barb is it! Barb is great and skilled and what she does and cares about the products she uses and sells, which are beyond this earth in their results. I recommend (what is the name of that Japanese wash cream) and the Intaglio Glycolic and France Laure Collagen Cream.

– Saskia



It is a genuine pleasure to recommend Barbara de la Rue to you. I first met her when the law offices where I worked contracted her to visit the office to massage their employees. They knew that cutting stress would increase productivity. She was a success at the workplace not only because of her professional ability to immediately put her clients at ease, making them feel comfortable, but also because she is able to read, either with her hands or her intuition, what each body needed.

I gravitated towards her because she had an interesting blend in her personality of professionalism and quirkiness. I love how she really listens during a conversation. I noticed and liked how she could hone in on what people were really saying. I respect someone like that. She also exhibits grace and a rare, strong integrity — but Barbara brings much more to her work. She is an insightful person who is appreciated not only for her massage/facial skills, but for her warmth, wisdom and overall goodness. She is a complete person whom I believe can move mountains.

Her dedication to healing is unequivocal. When I visit Calistoga, I always get the works — massage and facial. It is so worth it!

– Carol



Hey Barb, you’re the best, never had a better facial, you’re the facial queen par excellence, would never visit Calistoga
without getting a HeavenBarb treatment, and your head/neck/shoulder massage unparalleled too.

– With Affection, Denis Rouse



I have been having facials with Barb for at least 10 or more years…. Being in the Spa business myself I have had many and have found hers to be the best…

She points out what needs to be addressed and gives me the opportunity to decide if I want the procedure this time.. Great products which leave my skin feeling and looking so smooth and clear..

Extractions for a cream puff like me are a breeze!! The product and procedures she uses leaves my skin plumped up looking great for at 69 year old woman..

I would recommend Barbara to anyone who loves their skin taken care of by the best in Calistoga..

– Nanci M. Smith



Barbara Rae gives the best massages and facials in the Napa Valley! Her very intimate and cozy spa is the perfect place to totally unwind and be pampered. Do not miss an opportunity to have some very special treatments when you are in the Valley and if you live there (like I do part time) you should treat yourself on a regular basis!

– Sally Ogletree



I first experienced Barbara’s talent in 2001, when I sent to her for a facial. I moved to Santa Fe in 2006, but still return to Barbara for facials. She has an extraordinary touch and soothing manner. I feel extremely relaxed and wonderful after a session with her. Now my daughters and several friends go to her for treatments. I believe that anyone who experiences her treatments, will return — even if they have to travel from Santa Fe!

– CJ Wilson



I have been seeing the Calistoga Goddess for several years and continue to enjoy the opportunity to relax in a serene environment, while knowing that my face is in excellent hands. From the beginning, recognizing the sensitivity of my skin, Barb has taken great care to minimize the effects waxing has on my skin. She is the only one I trust implicitly, and I am always satisfied with the results!

– Leann Williams



Barbara De La Rue is an excellent massage therapist and healer with the highest intentions for her clients to heal and transform their lives. She has the training and wisdom to know exactly what to do for your personalized care and to help you access the deep wounding that is held in your body that you may not even be aware of – to help you release it so it no longer sabotages you in negative ways. May she continue her great work in the healing arts!

– Rev. Melody Heart


European Facial
60 min – $85 | 90 min – $110

Organic Facial
60 min – $90 | 90 min – $ 115

Sensitive Facial
60 min – $85 | 90 min – $110

Ultra sonic Derma Facial 
90 min – $130

Collagen Facial
60 min – $105 | 90 min – $120

Acne Facial
60 min – $85

Gly-Collagen Facial 
60 min – $105 | 90 min – $120

Glycolic Facial
60 min – $95 | 90 min – $110

Back Cleansing Facial
60 min – $95

Microdermabrasion Facial 
90 min – $130

Anti-aging Face Lifting Micro Current Facial 
90 min – $140

Each facial is customized and prepared with the finest natural and organic ingredients. You’ll find Barbara’s treatments to be unique, private, and affordable.

MAY include many or all of the following steps:

• Analysis of the skin
• Steaming of the face
• Peel suited for your skin type
• Rotating brush
• Deep pore cleansing
• Hi-frequency-gentle current to oxygenate the skin
• Massage (hands, neck, shoulders, face, feet)
• Masque
• LED Light Therapy
• Micro Current
• Microdermabrasion
• Warm aromatherapy towels
• Ultra-sound
• Rosewater spray
• Moisture cream
• Beauty globe